For Big Results, Start with Small Actions

Summary: Without action, goals are nothingTake small, easy steps every dayDon't make things complicatedYou will stick with habits that are easier You want financial freedom. But you have credit card debt, student loans, a car loan, no savings and no investments. Plus, you have constant expenses like food, rent, cable, electricity, and maybe a gym … Continue reading For Big Results, Start with Small Actions

Stop Using Arithmetic Returns!

Summary: Arithmetic means ALWAYS overstate investment returns over timeNegative returns are actually fractions less than 1, not negative numbersAvoiding drawdowns and reducing volatility can enhance your returns Two people are each investing $10,000. Their returns over five years are detailed in the table below. Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Average returnInvestor A30%-25%-10%45%20%12%Investor B15%-10%10%25%10%10% Investor A … Continue reading Stop Using Arithmetic Returns!

The Man Who Solved the Market The most successful hedge fund in the past 30 years was founded by a math professor with no prior successful trading experience. It seems like that should not be possible, but Jim Simons accomplished this feat and became a billionaire in the process using his experience working with mathematicians and applying it to capital … Continue reading The Man Who Solved the Market